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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WEB website and BLOG on BLOGGER

I know... It has been awhile since I  have POSTED... Check out my NEW new NEW blog and site... it is me as a beachbody coach. I am still adding the main content and then after that it will be a accountability RESULTS, blog... basically me struggling with my weight! <----- Make sure you follow me and check out my social media links (youtube (latest results video is over 40K in views) facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest....)! Feel free to give me some page feedback!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NEW blog, new page... better BETTER better all around!! Well Tomorrow is day one of re-starting round two... Gonna really bring it... ZERO tolerance for SLACKING, 200% accountability... no missed workouts, no cheats... LEAN and CLEAN... I will be blogging this round too but changed the page....

NEW PAGE-----> To Insanity and Back... One Girls Journey to fitness, Health, and Self Discovery...

It should be a whole lot better experience following me on the new page!Don't forget to become a page member!!

See ya all tomorrow on the new page for DAY one ROUND 2 of Insanity... GET FIT OR GET OUT!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh the pain of being a slacker!

Getting ready to move the Blog... possibly to a website/page more geared towards me reaching my overall fitness goals... still just a thought at this point!!

So I have to confess... I have been a a slacker this last week!! Starting Insanity (R2) over on Monday... got to get back into "beast" mode. Eating clean is still going great, no slacking there... just time management issues :) down almost 35 pounds now!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Insanity R2 Week 1

This has been a good week. It sure has been a nice change of pace going back to month one all over again after doing the month two workouts! Not that they are easy by any means but it does feel easier (and I use that word loosely) having already been through it once.

I did have a couple set backs this weeks... some definite slacker moments. It was harder than I thought it would be having family in town. I really didn't hit my workouts as hard as I could have but I think overall with Maddy's birthday and the guest I didn't do all that bad. I did splurge a little when we went out to eat, but I have been on a major diet with no cheats so I figured I was due LOL...

Week two is a new week and I will be hitting it harder than ever... I will also be implementing my 200 crunches a day everyday routine... hoping to get more abdominal definition this time around!

Here is to digging deep... *cHeErS* see ya all next week!

Friday, October 14, 2011

INSANITY Round One Results Video

Day 58-63 END of round one results!!

To say I have been busy the last two weeks would be a understatement!! Between Nolan's homework, Family visiting from outa state, and the everyday craziness, I am not sure if I have been coming or going! There was a bit of good news (I initially though)... my little brother and his girlfriend and my friend Sarah all decided to start round two with me... Sadly only my brothers girlfriend Shelby followed through... oh well...

The last week of round one workouts went rather well... my knees really started to bother me so I look forward to going back to the first month workouts again!!!

Below are my finishing results for round one... I am still working on the video but I will get that posted as soon as I get it finished!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Ok so I have been a super busy slacker this week and have not had time to update the blog... I promise all my final week INFO will be posted soon... I will also be continuing the blog but this time the post will be weekly rather than daily!!

Don'f forget to check out my page on FACEBOOK for more updates!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 57 Max Interval Plyo

Dear Max Interval Plyo,

Thanks to you I have done more pushups in the last month than I have ever done over the entire course of my existence. I do have to give it to you though... the endless onslaught of pushup variations (in case you forgot... "squat pushups", "one legged V pushups", "power pushups", "Level 3 Drills", "Side Push-Ups")pushed me to a place I have never been, or even thought of going! My back/chest/arms thank you. But I must say I am SO so SO glad that this is almost the last time we will work together for another month... it has been real, and at times fun, but mostly no real fun... it was HARD, intense and INSANE... but worth every single minute! You won't get where you want to be without hard work... I know that now and by sticking to this program you helped teach me that lesson!



Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 53, 54, 55, 56.... Insanity Round one

Ok so ya know what sucks... when you have lost some weight and are starting to feel good, then you look in the mirror and still feel like you are at "ground zero"... think my inpatients is starting to get me down a little... which sucks because I am normally not a "downer" person! Idk... all I know is that my sides & ribs are starting to firm up but my "poochie- muffin top" feels like it is more pronounced than ever... I guess that is what happens in the weight loss process..... sucks knowing this is just the first stop and a very long road to get where I want to be. I knew going in I wasn't gonna finish round one and come out looking like Shaun T, but there was a smidgen of "Hope" that the "Change" (Real change not "Obama Change") would come a little faster but like I said I know it is my "inpatients" getting the best of me!! I try to look at my day one pic and say to myself "look how far you have come", but it just doesn't help sometimes... I guess it is true "we are our own worst critics"... someone needs to slap me LOL... is it asking too much to look like Tanya hahahaha

Day 53 Max recovery the day before yesterday and it was AWESOME, definitely needed all the deep stretching, but the pace of it drives me a little nutty... I swear it feels like it takes FOREVER!!

Day 54 Max Interval Circuit (yesterday)... Still can not get the floor switch kicks... thinking because I still need a lot of work on the abs... hopefully by the next round I will have em down. I am going to start adding crunches everyday to get some more abdominal definition and strength. Did about 120 after the vid so we will see if it starts helping... gonna try to get up to 200 a day.

Day 55 Core Cardio and Balance (today)... oh the joy of being almost finished with round 1... and the pain of knowing I will be starting it all over again as soon as I finish! I feel accomplished knowing I did it (almost... still 8 days left), when so many have failed... definitely a pride booster considering some people in my family though this would be "To Hard" for me... Hahahaha MoFo's who is laughing now... ME!!! But at this point I honestly just want to get in there and get round two done so I can start p90x...

Day 56 rest day (tomorrow)... can't come fast enough! I am definitely needing the break hahaha I haven't had a rest day for two weeks since I have chose to do the fit test on Sundays rather than having double workout days...

On another note anyone check out hip hop abs yet? My cousin bought it and sent me a clip... unreal... Shaun T is almost a completely different person than he is in insanity... from drill Sargent... idk what LOL... crazyness!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 52 "Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs" 9-28-11

Wow today's workout was tough! Definitely felt drained before I even started, thinking it was due to the fact I didn't really sleep well last night! Oh well I pushed though and dug as deep as I could... still was dripping sweat in bucket by the time I finished but I know I could have given it a little more than I did... oh well there is always tomorrow!!

11 days left... how insane is that?!? Anyone think I would make it this far... in the beginning I didn't think I would... but here I am :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 51 "Max Interval Plyo" 9-27-11

Ah my good friend Max plyo smacked me around a little today. I think I may just have dug a little too deep yesterday trying to out do my Hubby when he though he could just jump in and run with the big dogs. Kinda payed for it today because I was definitely sore!! My arms and shoulders kill right now from the plyo... ah what a day...

How deep did you dig???

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 50 "Max Interval Circuit"

Today I was completely EXHAUSTED after this workout!! Had to push hard and dig deep since my hubby decided he wanted to work out with me today which normally I would have said "NO"... I figured why not since he thinks he can just jump into the Max without doing a single day of Insanity before! It was quite a sight!! Not as bad working with him as I thought it would be... it actually made me push harder, at one point he was even like don't kill yourself hahahaha.... needless to say he was a trooper till the halfway mark then he was done HAHAHAhahahahahahaha... Think he is gonna start with me when I go into round two! He was pretty impressed with the level of intensity...

Day 49 "Rest Day"... (Fit Test) 9-25-11

From August 6, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 48 "Core Cardio & Balance" 9-24-11

Was actually planning on doing the "max interval sports training" as a substitute for core cardio but thought enough to read the review before I popped in the DVD. It was dubbed by one review as the longest of the DVD's... and pretty intense at that.... after reading that I decided to do core HAHAHahahahahaha.... Next time core comes up I will opt for it but since I will be doing the 4th fit test tomorrow instead of a double workout on Monday... I decided it would probably be in my best interest to go with core! See y'all tomorrow for the fit test!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 47 "Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs" 9/23/11

Whhhheeeeeeeewwwwwww.... had intended to do "Insane Abs" (bonus disc) but by the time I got done with Max Cardio Conditioning I immediately rethought that decision... Cardio abs it was hahahaha! Needless to say I was a sweaty mess!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 46 "Max Recovery" 9-22-11

Not much to say about this workout other than the recovery was much needed! Will need it for tomorrow when Cardio abs comes back into play (I REALLY like this one!)... Time to rest up a little and get ready for Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs... oh happy days LOL...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 45 "Max Interval Plyo" 9-21-11

Oh the joy... not quite sure how I feel about doing what felt like ATleast 200 pushups in various form... Ugggg the shoulders are feeling it right now LOL... I felt like today I kinda managed to get a few more on some of my nemesis moves... "Side pushups" was not getting too many of these before but today I really got the grove going and had a good form (really felt it in my sides!)... another was "Power Pushups" hadn't quite had the power before but today I pushed out quite a few (man was I feeling it in the abs!!).... needless to say by the end of this workout the sweat was rolling, completely drenched! I have been outside in the Florida heat doing things and never sweat like this! INSANE!!!

Really getting addicted to this workout! Not sure if it is the cardio, the pace, or the intensity.... maybe I am just a nut hahahaha....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 44 "Max Interval Circuit" 9-20-11

Grrrrrrrrr I fricken can not do the floor switch kicks! I can get em slow but so far I can't add any speed! Kinda stinks after the great workout I had yesterday! Day 40 fricken 4... can you believe we are actually here and I am still alive??? In fricken SANE!! Tomorrow will be 45 with only 18 days left!

Wow... I am completely psyched at this point about stating a round two! My arms and shoulders are starting to get so Buff!! What a change Insanity has inspired!!

Day 43 "Max Cardio Conditioning" 9-19-11

From August 6, 2011

I have to say I felt like a beast during this workout. I think I have almost found my second wind with Insanity... Like my love/hate relationship with it has turned to pure LOVE... not sure what is sicker the intensity of these workout or the fact that I like it... complete crazyness...

So I stepped on the scale today and it said I was down another 4 pound... making it 155... meaning 20 pounds down. Not celebrating yet though have to make sure my scale it not broken hahahaha

I have changed my diet to add more protein and calories...

Breakfast- whole wheat cream of wheat
Snack- protein shake
Lunch- chicken & brown rice
Snack- protein shake
Dinner- salad

trying to follow the 40% carbs, 40% protein 20% fat ratio... was having a problem with my calorie intake being a little low and this has amped it up closer to what it should be... could be the reason the scale dropped for me... gonna keep at it and see!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 42 "Rest Day" + Week 2 month two starting stats...

Looks like no weight loss & .5 inches lost on both the hips and waist.... Was hoping for a little more but I will take what I can get!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 41 "Max Interval Plyo" 9-17-11

So... busted through this workout. Starting to push myself harder... I am both shocked and amazed by how many pushups I can do now! I am honestly starting to get excited about starting this whole insane program again!

Insanity has been going good. I don't think there was any major weight loss this week but regardless I can feel and see the difference in my muscles... plus my hubby is in love with how rocking my body is starting to look... which is a bonus!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 40 "Max Interval Circuit" 9-16-11

40 days DONE.... only 23 INSANE days Left....

I pushed through this one! The length is the killing factor here for me! Once you get into the grove though the length isn't that bad! I really have a problem doing the floor switch kicks, maybe I will get better... all I can do is keep trying, On a brighter note... I got a new pair of shoes! Super thin sole on the toe makes is SUPER flexible! Looked like a nut in the store jumping around then dropping to a pushup (thank god the store was empty)... But they are perfect for insanity lol

Day 39 "Max Recovery" 9-15-11

This one has to have been my LEAST favorite to date! Maybe I was just having a really bed day because after the workout I ended up getting my monthly visitor... needless to say I really felt like I half assed this one!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 38 "Max Cardio Conditioning" 9-14-11

So I just finished up the workout and again I must say I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as insane as I anticipated, it was still by no means "easy" but.... I think I really hyped myself up thinking that month two was gonna be so extreme it would break me... Happily I will report to you the only real difference is the time. The workouts so far have been longer and some have a few tough moves but overall still just as insane as month one! Interval training BABY... got to love it!!!

Day 37 "Max Interval Plyo" 9-13-11

So it is a good thing that day 37 seemed to go well for me, cuz I needed everything to get through Max Interval Plyo... I was pleasantly surprised there were not as many jumps as I had anticipated BUT... Holly crap... "squat pushups", "one legged V pushups", "power pushups", "Level 3 Drills", "Side Push-Ups", "Balance Push-Ups".... the onslaught of pushups was endless... felt like I did 200 Pushups!! Arms were like JELLO when I finally finished hahahahaha

My Dad is down from Michigan right now so it is kinda difficult to workout when I normally do. I didn't end up starting my workout till 7pm last night, which is not all that great for me! I like to get it in as soon as I can preferably before noon LOL

this is my I'm gonna punch Shaun T in the face look....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 36 "Max Interval Circuit" 9-12-11

WHEeeeeeeeeeeew baby we are full bore into the shit now!!! Month two and all of it's insanity are upon us! Feeling pretty good today, The workout was not quite as hard as I was anticipating!! Other than feeling significantly longer I powered through it and "dug deep". It was hard looking up at the clock after the warmup and stretches to see that I still had a full 44 minutes of the actual workout!! Other than that it was all good! I did the fit test yesterday and just skipped my rest day. I wanted to give both the fit test and max interval my all so loosing a rest day was a better option than killing myself in one day hahaha. My numbers from the fit test are crazy (for me)... I was floored by how many more switch kicks I was able to do, that and push up jacks... 20 fricken 7... holly cow am I gonna have some guns after this!! Maybe I can be a female UFC fighter when I get through this LMFAO...

Month Two Stats...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 29-35 "Recovery Week"

So here we finally are at the halfway point... and honestly it is a great feeling! Insanity is a bad ass hard program and to make it this far... no turning back now!! Infact I can't wait to see day 63 results... and day 63 of round 2, then round three... shit I am feeling so on top of the world I might just throw Asylum in there somewhere!

I probably am only gonna post one or two times during recovery. So here is a video breakdown... AWESOME, completely loved it... relaxing but still sweat evoking. Good combo... I was worried because everything I had read said "recovery" week was not most peoples idea of "recovery"... anticipated the worst and it was far from that... thinking some of that optimism might help me to not worry about the intensity to come in month two LOL...

Keep on "digging deep".... lol I know... super cheesy but I had to throw it out there hahahaha


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